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Paul Erwin Kish Forensic Consultant and Associates, is an independent forensic consulting business that provides consulting, technical review, and educational services to forensic science laboratories, law enforcement, and legal communities in crime scene reconstruction and bloodstain pattern analysis.

    Quick Facts:

  • Mr. Kish is an internationally recognized expert with twenty (20) years of field experience in bloodstain pattern analysis. 
  • He has been consulted on cases throughout the United States, as well as in Canada, Europe, Iceland, Australia, New Zealand, and Iraq.
  • He has provided expert testimony in twenty-one (21) states, the District of Columbia, and Canada.
  • Mr. Kish has testified in state courts, federal courts, and in military court martial proceedings.
  • He has conducted examinations and presented expert testimony for both the prosecution and defense.
  • He has instructed over fifty (50) week-long Basic Bloodstain Pattern Analysis Courses within the United States, England, Canada, Sweden, and The Netherlands encompassing over 1000 students to date.
  • He has instructed Advanced Bloodstain Pattern Analysis Courses within the United States, England, and the Netherlands.
  • Mr. Kish co-authored Principles of Bloodstain Pattern Analysis Theory and Practice. (Click "Publications" to purchase.)

“Principles if Bloodstain Pattern Analysis: Theory and Practice"
presents an in-depth investigation of this important subject matter.  A multidisciplinary approach is presented throughout the book that uses scene and laboratory examinations in conjunction with pathology, forensic serology, and chemical enhancement...

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